Today’s celebration = Possibilitites.

I’ll be the first to admit that it is easy to feel defeated sometimes. When I (yet again) don’t make the short list for some entry level position I could probably do with my eyes closed… when others appear to go out of their way to show my seeming insignificance… when I feel the weight of someone I don’t even know judging me… like the air slowly leaking from a balloon, confidence slowly oozes from one’s psyche, even when that rational thought tells you the opinions of others is just a bunch of hooey.

Well, for some of us, confidence would be shaken.

Rainbow has been somewhat negative about my idea that she should try Taekwondo with her sister later this week. It seems the idea of breaking wood, which she apparently thinks Taekwondo is about, isn’t sitting well with her (not that she’s likely to attempt breaking wood any time soon). “Fine,” I thought. It’s not for everyone. No big deal. And maybe she will change her mind after she watches some lessons.

Then today she proudly announced that she had snapped her frozen yogurt tube in half, clean through the plastic wrapper while trying to make it “soft but ice-bergy.” “This means I can probably break wood! I can even be a black belt some day if I practice! I think we should make a black belt out of paper for me to wear around the house. Will you help me?”

Ah yes… making crafts is the end results of most all of life’s decisions when you’re seven. And suddenly an accidental snap means achievement is possible. Snap. Confidence is restored. Anything is possible.

So today, I celebrate possibilities. Because sometimes believing things are possible is the impetus to making things happen. Belief makes things possible.

And I suppose a little paper black belt doesn’t hurt either.


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