Independence Emerges

There is a time when a child’s life where they naturally try to individualize themself and separate from the parents. I can see the beginning of this happening now.

We hold hands walking toward camp, until, with entrance in sight, her hand disengages mine. “Bye Mom!” she waves, and runs ahead leaving me to pause for a moment, still in the firm grasp of my youngest, marveling at this new development. My first born is teetering on the age of independence.

And then she changed her hairstyle (which I love) — which we all do from time to time — but it was done with such a confidence. “THIS is what I want,” was asserted. And it suited her.

In many ways, though, childhood still lingers. She is still happiest among Webkinz, a believer in myths and legends, and ready with a bedtime snuggle. But the first indications of independence, themselves like tentative baby steps, are emerging.

I am a little surprised not to feel saddened by it. While I will savour the snuggles, I know that what I am watching is emotional growth. And I will do my best to foster her growth positively.


1 Response to “Independence Emerges”

  1. 1 tanya September 3, 2007 at 3:31 am

    What a sweet post. How did she change her hair? She sounds so much like Hanna, which endears her to me even more. 🙂

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