Now you see it — Now you don’t

Do you remember me telling you all about the gazebo in the park at the end of my street, and how the city was inquiring whether anyone in the neighbourhood would object to it being torn down because of local youth using it as a drinking spot?

Well, it seems that problem isn’t a problem any more.

Apparently on Tuesday night some guy took a chain saw and chopped the entire thing to bits because he was “looking for something.” And nobody reported it until Thursday night because they all thought it was the city dismantling the gazebo.

The local news also reports that “police may have never found the man responsible except he returned to the scene of the crime Friday morning, still searching for what he believed was under the gazebo.” Mr. Chainsaw has been sent for psychiatric assessment and faces charges for damaging property.

So this raises a few questions to ponder…

— Was it the really a random act of an unstable mind?

— Was it a neighbour that had enough of late night carousing?

— Is there treasure buried just down the street from me where the gazebo used to be?

— And am I living in neighbourhood of loons?

Boggles the mind.


1 Response to “Now you see it — Now you don’t”

  1. 1 Mom of 4K August 8, 2007 at 1:19 am

    hmm, what an interesting series of questions. Maybe a book about the loony neighborhood would make millions? After all, Harry Potter started on napkins in a diner. 🙂

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