Seven Random Facts

I have been tagged by both Lauri’s Reflections and One Feather Tail to provide seven random facts (sorry for the delay… but I’m having some computer issues):

  1. I adore office supplies. Pens, paper, markers, stickies… ahhhhh!!!
  2. At the office I always use a purple pen. I have several different pens, all with purple ink. Judging from occasional comments, not everyone in the office thinks purple ink is professional. I say pfft.
  3. I have extremely poor number memory. I can’t hold a number in my head long enough to walk across the room. This is why I have avoided history courses at all costs (can’t remember years).
  4. I plan to dress like Prof. Trelawney on this coming Friday night and hang out in a bookstore with two little wizards.
  5. As an adult I still cannot watch scarey movies.
  6. I hate the taste of mint.
  7. I am currently reading No Plot? No Problem! with the hopes of kickstarting a large writing project.

I know I’m supposed to tag seven people, but I may be one of the only ones who hasn’t actually done this yet, so if you haven’t yet been tagged, consider it done.


2 Responses to “Seven Random Facts”

  1. 1 BunnyBubblette July 17, 2007 at 11:46 pm

    I’m the same way with numbers. I just can’t remember numbers. I don’t know whether our electric bill is $500 or $5000. Well, I’m not quite that bad, but you know what I mean. And I’m the one who pays the bills and does the taxes. I understand numbers, but I just can’t remember them.

  2. 2 Lauri July 20, 2007 at 2:30 pm

    It’s funny how many people are addicted to office supplies. And it is so cool that you are going to dress up for the HP party.

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