Island News

It perhaps says a lot about where I live that this is the TOP news story in the local paper today…

City Councillors are apparently upset that the rock band hired to play during the Festival of Lights used the f-word. It’s not very family friendly you see. Never mind that this is not the first time this band has been hired to play this very same festival. Never mind that those really concerned about family friendliness probably don’t take their kiddies to outdoor evening drunkfests.
And while we are on the topic of outdoor drunkenness… there has been a little issue with the park at the end of my street, and underage rowdies drinking and socializing in the night in the park’s gazebo. There was a letter in the mailbox yesterday from the city asking surrounding households if anyone would object if the gazebo was torn down to solve this problem. Yeah… that will stop them. And maybe when they move to the swingset and the monkey bars they’ll tear down those too.
And in other news, the local radio station has admitted that it was a mistake to stop broadcasting daily funeral announcements. The outcry was enough for them to retract their decision and reinstate the announcements. In a place where everyone knows everyone and “who’s your father” is the second question asked when meeting someone new (“how are ya'” being the first), I’m amazed that this wasn’t top story today.
It’s that kind of place.

1 Response to “Island News”

  1. 1 Rambling Mom July 11, 2007 at 5:31 pm

    Well, I mean it’s obvious to me that the problem with the underage rowdies stems from having groups like Nickleback on the island.

    Of course tearing down the gazebo will help she said sarcastically

    There’s actually a gazebo at my local park — I wish they’d tear that down, not for underage drinking or anything – but because it’s old, wood, and quite the nesting ground for bees and wasps.

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