Easter Weekend

Saturday was a gorgeous day. The sun shone. I noticed that the occasional crocus was peeking out of the garden. While I was at work, the girls rode their bikes and prepared for the arrival of the Bunny. It was official… the last sleep before his arrival and you could feel the excitement in the air.

And as if that wasn’t enough as it was, the tooth fairy would be coming the very same evening. It was a cosmic double header.

The evening arrived, and we were ready…

And the funny thing about this landmark of spring… this herald of new beginnings… was the very day Mother Nature decided that both kids should get colds and she would bring her worst storm of the winter.

See the pretty crocus now??? My garden is off to a flying starting, don’t you think?

And the back yard…

But the bunny… oh the bunny. Did a little thing like a blizzard stop him? Did the risk of sniffles? No! Not only did he bring chocolate, but he managed to find the Webkinz koala! And the tooth fairy got through the storm as well!

Happy Spring everyone!

2 Responses to “Easter Weekend”

  1. 1 Robin April 10, 2007 at 7:23 pm

    Wow! I think I’d better stop whining about our snow. Looks like you got more than we did.

    What happened to spring this year??

  2. 2 Lauri April 15, 2007 at 1:45 pm

    We had a snowy, and cold Easter too. Kudos to the bunny for finding the Webkinz koala! My boys love the Webkinz site and toys.

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