More Than One Way

Last night the children when to a Mardi Gras party hosted by the family of one of Rainbow’s friends. Friend’s father is the minister of a church and the party is part of their pre-Lent tradition.

The tasks apparently were to make noisemakers, make masks, snack (so that a queen or king could be found with a gold coin in the cake), then have a parade with the king/queen in the lead. The first order of business was to create noise makers. The children were given foil tart plates, duct tape to stick it together, feathers for adornment, something to make it rattle, yarn for streamers, and a stick for a handle. These were all to be carefully assembled and saved for the parade.

99% of the kids there made them exactly that way. Dolittle’s, in fact, looked like this…

Rainbow, however, is far too expedient to be fiddling with the delicate nature of such assembly when there is other work to be done. This, my friends, is also a perfect serviceable noisemaker:

In the end, however, as it happens, only one of the two noisemakers was paraded about the room, as it turns out the Queen of Mardi Gras was our own little Miss Expediency, who as Queen must carry a special royal noise maker. This also apparently means I am in charge of baking the cake with the golden coin next year.

Me. Bake. Alrighty…
And did I mention that this year’s cake was shaped like a castle? And did I mention that this is not the church we even attend?
Of course, I’ve already learned today, that there is more than one way way to accomplish many things. And that includes building noise makers, baking providing cakes, and welcoming Lent.
Count me in.

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