Yesterday started out as if it would turn out to be a disaster… the kid’s school was delayed but not cancelled, Rainbow was sick, Dolittle’s fish died… all before 7am. So I got to work late, find ugent stuff waiting, and I think “well this day is off to a flying start…”

But then, for some inexplicable reason, things didn’t get any worse. In fact, they went swimmingly. It was the sort of day where you think, “hey, I should get x done” and then ten minutes after you finish x somebody comes in and says “I know you haven’t gotten to x yet, but…” Then you look and feel all superheroish for being so on the ball and handing them a completed x. Now I am the very first to admit that if I ever appear superheroish it is purely by chance and not by superlative forethought on my part. Yet this happened over and over yesterday.

Then, being the superhero that I am, I fell asleep with Rainbow at 9pm.

Now I am not naive enough to believe that the luck is actually turning positive in any real sense. I expect it is a trick of fate to lull me into a false sense of comfort just long enough for someone to have another kiniption fit on me again. In fact, the mere act of writing this post has probably turned my luck immediately. But, until then, I’ll take it good luck when I find it.


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