Work Orders

So there are several departments at work that do things by work order. Need paper delivered? Do a work order. Need an ad designed? Do a work order. Need your computer serviced? Again, you need a work order.

I’ve started to think about that concept… orderly methods of prioritizing and accomplishing, to be sure. But is it efficient and practical applied to real life in general? And I’ve begun to imagine what it would be like in an administrative department such as ours. Need a signature on that contract? Fill in this work order? Need a work order? Fill in this work order to fill in a work order.

And imagine if you did that at home? Want cookies and milk? Fill in this work order and I’ll add it to the que. Hugs? No can do, kiddo, till the paperwork is done.

No… while I see that there is a time and a place for rigid structure, and understand the usefulness of tracking energies expended, I fear I am doomed to remain hopelessly disorganized with my more generalized ‘to do’ lists.

And as generally unstructured as I am, will I ultimately end up where I need to go? Who knows. But will I learn to think on my feet and arrive where I’m going with a smile on my face? I hope so. That, at least, is my (albeit unstructured) plan.


2 Responses to “Work Orders”

  1. 1 Rambling Mom February 15, 2007 at 12:13 am

    I was going to respond to this — but I couldn’t find a work order to fill out.

  2. 2 Robin February 15, 2007 at 6:06 pm

    Structure has its time and place. Certainly hugs, cookies, and milk don’t require structure. At least I hope not! 🙂

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