Starting the Year with a Review of Last

I loved MML’s New Year’s Eve post where she reviewed her 2006 from blog entries. “The assignment is to go back through your 2006 blog posts and rewrite the first sentence you wrote each month. ” I am perhaps a day late, but here goes:

January: “This is my first ever blog entry, and, truth be told, I have no clue where I’m going with it. “

Well I guess I figured that out. Or didn’t. I basically began rambling and musing and ranting and kept at it. The blogiversary is coming up, and I’m looking forward to crossing the milestone of a full year here.

Also in January: I took a Contemporary Moral Issues class, Rainbow got her first hamster, I went to the campus bar for the first time, Rainbow got bad dental news, and I discovered the dangers of buying pre-packaged underwear.

February: “Hello.”

It was my I hate Winter confession. In fact February seemed to be a bit of a month for rants… grocery shopping, my car, naked barbies, fellow students. But on a positive note I took a sleigh ride, and found a theme song.

March: “Dalton Hall is a very very old building.”

And Dalton pretty much dished out it’s fair share of moldy joy for much of the year.

Also in March, Rainbow’s first hamster escaped then died, one of the unions at work went on strike, I ranted a bit more, and life took a general nose dive.

April: “Did you ever wish you had a magic wand and you could just make everything ok?”

OK, now I’m forgetting why I thought this would be a fun exercise. Anyway… Rainbow’s dental surgury and Easter happened. And I mused a bit about muppets and t-shirts and things.

May: “Rainbow & Dolittle have broken into their piggy banks so I took them to Dollarama to get some coin roller thingies.”

This particular entry brought a bunch of readers looking for information on the Dollarama. Also in May: I got a root canal, the garden started blooming, and I mused generally about this and that.

June: “On Friday (Job1) Food Services came to “clean up” after a meeting we had catered.

In June I started working on being more creative (a perpetual project), replaced a dead hamster that also mastered the art of escaping, Rainbow finished kindergarten, the lupins bloomed, and I got to the beach for the first time in 2006.

July: “There are a few things that you can be assured of on Canada Day in Charlottetown:”

July was a month of festivals, field trips, beach visits, and impromptu parades.

August: “Maybe it’s my warped sense of humour but this struck me funny at work today…

Ah yes… the warped sense of humour. How horrid things would be if we could not laugh at our lives and ourselves sometimes. In August we went to the zoo, we went to the beach, I applied for a job I didn’t get, and I offered some wedding planning advice.

September: “It is September now.”

September sucks. Moving on…

October: “Perhaps it’s being prudish, but I don’t particularly want to see another woman’s boobs front and centre in my face as I go about my business.”

Yes that little rant brought the pervs on over to Old Blue Socks. Live and learn. Also in October was Thanksgiving, bloodwork, Halloween, and my mom’s birthday. So in terms of occasions, October had it going on.

November: “See these?”

Bifocal mania continued. Actually, though I never posted it, I ended up having the bifocal removed because they just weren’t right. I’m not convinced the plain glasses are right either, but I’ve pretty much had enough of this.

Also in November I entered NaBloPoMo and loved the experience of writing daily, finding new blog reads, and making new blog friends. I also didn’t win a house, I vented about footwear and drivethru coffee, and I got a year older.

December: “How is it that someone can seem boardering on obsessed with order in so many other ways and yet can be so chaotic when it comes to dishes?

Yes… husband and dishes. No improvement there may I add.

Not winning anything other than a sense of accomplishment at NaBloPoMo, I still signed up for Holidalies at Home despite the fact that there are no prizes. Guess I thought I’d like that accomplishment thing, but admittedly I found it dang hard to do in December.

Anyway December brought Christmas, bruised ribs, a first snowfall of 2006, and a blog makeover. There was also a fire at the University. And did I mention the whole holiday thing? Because that took a lot of posts.

So there you have it… a year in review.
Will I have anything left to say in 2007?


2 Responses to “Starting the Year with a Review of Last”

  1. 1 Shelley January 2, 2007 at 6:15 am

    Interesting recap!

  2. 2 Alto2 January 2, 2007 at 6:26 pm

    Happy New Year, Sock Girl. May 2006 be an annus marivilis for the The Zones and the Socks.

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