5 Childhood Disappointments

In blog surfing I have come across some great lists of “childhood disappointments” (is it wrong to call them great lists??? I mean ‘interesting‘ lists probably.) Here are a list of five disappointing moments in the life of Sock Girl…

1) I was disappointed to realize Barbara in Grade 2 could win any classroom contest just by crying.
Little whiner. 37 years later I’m still not over it.

2) I was disappointed to learn that male animals had better colouring than female animals.
Boys prettier than girls? That couldn’t be right! I could not wrap my mind around that logic at all. What was our Creator thinking there?

3) I was disappointed never to be in anyone’s wedding as a child.
I didn’t dance. I didn’t sing. But I knew I could get a moment of stardom if I could be the cute little kid with the flowers and the fancy dress. Those kids got to get an “awwww” moment without ever having to have a skill except to put one foot in front of the other.

4) I was disappointed to discover that soap was not in fact delicious.
It looks all creamy and pretty. Especially the pink bars of soap. You would think that it would taste like strawberries and cream or something. Trust me. It doesn’t.

5) I was disappointed that nobody ever saw Mr. Snuffalupagus.
It used to drive me insane. I actually went out and celebrated (as an adult) when I heard people on Sesame Street finally realized he wasn’t imaginary after all. (Clearly it takes me a while to get over disappointments!)

I’m not sure is a sign of a faulty memory or an exemplary childhood that those are the best I could come up with. What’s on your list?


1 Response to “5 Childhood Disappointments”

  1. 1 Cheryl November 24, 2006 at 12:29 pm

    Hey… the only wedding that I got to be in as a child was fine that day. A couple of years later they got a divorce. For some reason at that time I felt partially responsible.

    My biggest disappointment as a child was burning my blankie to get a teddy. I still am upset about it.

    Next would be never getting to be in pony club. I so wanted to ride a hourse.

    Finally, I wanted to take panio lessons. I still cannot play.

    I had a pretty great childhood too.

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