Glasses du jour

See these?

Yes… of course you do…. If only seeing with them were as easy as seeing them.

This saga all goes back to May when I got my eyes tested and to no great surprise needed a new prescription. It had, after all, been a decade since my last eye check. So, I picked out those beauties up there all by myself. Nice job, eh?

Except I still couldn’t see so well. So I went back to the eye doctor, who did a bit of a check over again, and said “oops… my mistake. You need bifocals. Take this prescription to the eye glass place and they’ll redo them for you.”

Off I go to the eye glass place. I wait for the bifocals to come in. And that should be where the story ends… but I still have to close one eye to read. Not so great when you work in a paper filled office and take a course requiring reading.

Back I go to the doctor. Turns out the glasses are too small and the bifocals are sort of cut off. That is why I can’t read with both eyes. She calls the eye glass place and they say, no problem. They can order new lenses and make the glasses big enough to fit the bifocals. “Great!” I think, “Problem solved!”

After another bit of a wait, I get the call that the new lenses are in, I wait for them to rework the glasses, and off I go with my brand new bifocals. Again.

Guess what. Go on… Guess. I still can’t freaking see! I have to wear them on the tip of my nose to watch tv. I have to pause before focussing on things. But can I go back to the doctor again? “Maybe it’s just me?” I wonder. Maybe my eyes have to adjust some more.

But I go back to see her today. I explain that I still can’t see. That it feels like I’m wearing someone else’s glasses. And she takes a marker and draws some stuff on my lenses. She goes out of the room and comes back a few minutes later and says, “Your glasses have not been measured right. Get your coat, we’re going on a field trip!”

She takes my file and off we go together to the eye glass place. We drive over in our separate vehicles. We walk in and it takes a bit of time before someone greets us. Finally someone says “Can I help you?” “I’m having trouble with my bifocals,” I explain. “And I’M her optometrist!” she pipes up from behind me. We went from having no service to having the whole dang staff front and centre in about a minute. It was as if I had walked in with G*d himself.

Optometrist explained the problem to them as they nodded silently. Soon the clerk, the shop owner, and my optometrist were helping me pick out new frames (which I don’t like as much but will be better suited to the bifocals). It turns out that not only were my lenses not measured to fall in the right place (I do not have symmetrical eyes) but they had been ordered with the original (wrong) prescription the last time they were redone. The optometrist observed the measuring with great interest and I expect to be able to see in the near future.

I’m so excited I can hardly see straight. At least not unless I close one eye.


2 Responses to “Glasses du jour”

  1. 1 Anonymous November 2, 2006 at 8:25 pm

    Why can’t people just do their jobs well the first time? Same story with my kids: they need to learn to do it once and do it well. Sorry you had such hassles, but I hope things will be clearer now.

  2. 2 BunnyBubblette November 2, 2006 at 11:50 pm

    You go, girl!

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