Animal crumbs

Rainbow was helping me pack the lunches yesterday. I was slicing some cheese and popped a stray cheese crumb into my mouth.

“Did you just eat a cheese crumb?” Rainbow asked me.

“Yes, I did,” I replied.

“Would you eat a pig crumb?” she inquired.

“Pig crumb?”… not really sure where this is going.

“Yes,” she explained, “after pigs die they get made into bacon for us. Would you eat a bacon crumb?”

“After they die?”

“You know… just like chickens… it’s not like they kill them on purpose for us to eat.”

Oh. My. G*d. Do I break the news now or risk turning my kid into a vegetarian (not that there is anything wrong with vegetarians…. if you actually eat vegetables). Packing lunches would certainly become more challenging. Nonetheless, I decided to break the news.

“Actully, hon… sometimes they do kill animals for people’s food.”

“ON PURPOSE??? FOR US????” she blurted with eyes wide.

“Yes dear. Sometimes they do.”

“I think you better call 911” she stated.


2 Responses to “Animal crumbs”

  1. 1 djn October 28, 2006 at 3:55 pm

    I tried to comment the other day but the Blogger bot was in a bad mood.

    It’s a weird thing explaining to kids that animals are killed and then served on the dinner table. My older daughter is still very stressed about this and she’s 13. Not stressed enough to be a vegetarian but we aren’t allowed to talk about it. Apparently, that would make it “real”.

  2. 2 Shelley October 29, 2006 at 5:32 am

    Why is it that there are 1,243 books on the market on how to “toilet learn” your children and very little info in the way of “how to explain to your kids that it’s okay to eat animal crumbs”? Sounds like you handled it well – but put 911 on the speed dial just in case.

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