Perhaps it’s being prudish, but I don’t particularly want to see another woman’s boobs front and centre in my face as I go about my business. Nor do I wish to convey to my children that Hoochy Mama attire is appropriate for any age range. That is perhaps why I have a bit of an issue with children’s play group leaders who dress more like they are searching for a street corner than gearing up for an evening of colouring and Dr. Seuss. I don’t care how attractive your bod is, I don’t particularly think the kids need to see that much of it.

Now then Friday, I’m having a beer with a friend, and along comes a young girl with a boob hanging out of a doctored neckline (well… sort of… half and half equal one whole, do they not?). While I understand that there was a bit of marketing going on there, and it was a weekend and a bar situation, I’m thinking that if I can see every detail of your boob tattoo, you are either showing too much skin, or sitting too close to me, or both.

I also need to point out, in both of these case, the boobs belonged to extremely educated women, who by causing so much focus to their chests, seemed to be negating what they could bring to the party cerebrally. I think you can be smart at the same time you are being sexy and beautiful, and I think it can be done without purposely ripping an otherwise perfectly good shirt.

But… if you’re a flaunter (and more power to ya’ I suppose… just keep ‘em out of my space and appropriately covered around the kiddies), perhaps you could put the girls to good use and surf on over to the boobie-thon. Post a pic of your assets (bare or covered, or even half covered in a ripped shirt if that’s what floats your boat), and folks who care to have a peek pay $50 to view the bare stuff. And all the money goes to breast cancer research. Just a suggestion.

And even if you’re not a flaunter…
please visit the Breast Cancer Site to fund free mamograms with
the click of a mouse.


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