It’s September

It is September now. I hate September. Things get colder. The environment around us gets suddenly vibrant, only to die later. Anniversaries of really bad things lie just around the corner. In 10 days. In 14. September sucks.

So I needed a diversion…. something to ponder totally unrelated to anything much at all… and I started to think about signs and symbols… not the looming omen kinds of signs, but the stop/yield/don’t walk kind of signs… And then I came to this one…

What kind of genius was sitting at their desk one day and came up with the brilliant idea that a car’s four-way flasher symbol should be two flat triangles? It’s a four-way! Why pick a shape with three sides? A triangle has to be three-dimensional before it has four sides. Why not a square, or a rectangle, or four parallel lines, or even something with meaning like a big exclamation point? Either I am missing something in the symbology, or that’s just a really dumb symbol.


1 Response to “It’s September”

  1. 1 Anonymous September 5, 2006 at 3:10 am

    Isn’t that triangle the symbol for yield or something like that? They give you those triangles in safety kits to put out when you have an emergency, etc?

    May September bring many bright blessings,

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