This Saturday the girls had a sleep-over at my parents’ house. My parents’ home is on a river with a hilly yard that slopes toward the house. At some point in the evening, Rainbow looked out the window at those hills and became convinced that she could fly. Yes, fly.

The plan, apparently, went something like this… she would tie a plastic grocery bag to each arm and each leg. By simply running down this hill, the bags would fill with air and she would become airborne. Easy.

So she tied the four bags on (one on each arm and one on each leg), and ran down the hill. And she did not fly (surprise!). At that point one would probably become somewhat dubious of their own idea, but not Rainbow. To her, the problem was simply that she was not using enough bags. So she went into the house and acquired more grocery bags and tied those on. Again she ran down the hill. And again. And again. She experimented with variables by adding bags, increasing distance ran, etc. Despite these efforts she did not manage to get off the ground, but did manage to acquire a fair number of grass stains in the trying.

But at no point in the entire activity did she become convinced that her idea a bad one. She apparently just didn’t have the right combination of variables.

Childhood innocence? Or artistic genius (ala DaVinci). In either case, it has me wondering about my own dreams, particularly the ones which are stalled or abandoned. What variables need tweeking? What do I need to do to make my personal ideas fly? I don’t have those answers but it does have me thinking.

(update at 10:30am)

And in a simlar vein, have you heard the latest on the one red paperclip guy? (I wrote about him back in April). HE GOT THE HOUSE!!!

Wooohoo… Dreams happen. Maybe kids can fly. What’s holding me back?


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