Blogging, Work, and Long Weekend

Given my typical traffic tally of a dozen or so visitors daily, at some point today my sitemeter will register 1500 visits to my blog. That’s roughly 6.5 months, 68 (including this one) posts, and one happy little blogger. Mostly it’s friends who visit. Sometimes it’s people who have googled dental work or the dollar store. However you got here, thanks for dropping by. It means a great deal to me that you did. Mwah!


Two other things on horizon…

First, today may be my last day at Job1. Again. I can’t begin to express how completely frustrated I am with continual short term contracts that wait until practically the moment of departure before providing a document that stays stay for another month or two. Don’t get me wrong… I am delighted that I do get extended… I just constantly feel on edge not knowing for sure that I have a pay cheque in my relatively immediate future.

Second, this is a long weekend here in Canada, and living in the cradle of Confederation is a lovely place to be this time of year. Mind you, Rainbow believes “Canada” is that place on the waterfront where they have rides and fireworks on the dog’s birthday (which is also, coincidentally, July 1st as well), but for my girls it is the mark of summer’s real beginning and something they look forward to all year long. I’ll post some pictures to share after Canada Day.


1 Response to “Blogging, Work, and Long Weekend”

  1. 1 MLL July 1, 2006 at 7:41 pm

    Happy Canada Day!!!

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