Fashion Show

So I took the afternoon off to do some garden work. The weather was in my favour. I even arranged a playdate to keep Rainbow occupied after kindergarten. And the day started much like any other… with me asking one million times to get out of jammies and get dressed already. Finally, after much nagging, Rainbow chose white capris and a turquoise t-shirt. Fine.

I pick Rainbow and her friend up at noon and proceed to get them fed and settled into the tent in the yard where I intend to garden just a yell away. I had barely pulled my first handful of weeds when Rainbow had grass stains on her pants. How a child can get a grass stain from inside a tent with a floor escapes me, but apparently it can be done. Outfit #2 was jeans and yet another t-shirt.

The day turned out to be gorgeous, and within 20 minutes or so of Outfit #2 come the cries that it is, in fact, too hot to be wearing jeans. That meant Outfit #3. For this ensemble she chose a coral flowy blouse, mauve skort, and purple & black striped tights from an old witch Halloween costume. Apparently, despite the heat, bruised legs meant leg coverings of some kind and tights weigh less than jeans. Fine.

So I weed, and I plant, and I pride myself in being smart enough to arrange for another child to entertain my own.

Then they found the hose.

Outfit #4 was a pink & purple long flowey shirt and a silky pink shirt. Soaking wet friend changed too (into Rainbow’s shorts & t-shirt).

Did I mention the hose? And perhaps the fact that you can race Crocks across a glass table with a hose?

Outfit #5 was purple capris with the same silky pink shirt (which apparently either dries fast or is too perfect to change even if it is soaking wet).

I’m so glad I took the day off to garden…. I wonder if I should take tommorrow off to do laundry?


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