Subway Man

I am truly grateful for the employment I have – let me start by making that point perfectly clear (the memory of not having any work whatsoever is far too recent for me to have lost sight of the fragility of employment). Yet, I confess I am not immune to secretly longing for more… something not temporary… something cerebrally stimulating …neither of which I seem to have in Job1. I check the job ads daily. Sometimes several times a day. But I am here to tell you after what I saw today, I will no longer feel sorry for myself…

Behold… Subway Man

I was driving back to the office at lunch and there he was. His job, dear readers, is to dress like a Subway sandwich and walk into traffic and hand flyers out to cars who stop. And for this I expect he probably makes minimum wage and gets all the free hoagies he can eat.

Think about it… I may be occupied with mind numbing tasks, but at least I don’t run the risk of getting my buns turned into pita bread. I will not complain again.


1 Response to “Subway Man”

  1. 1 Anonymous June 7, 2006 at 4:44 pm

    Thanks for my giggle of the day! You’re right that we should be grateful for employment that does not require dressing up as a sandwich. 🙂

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