Root Canal

I was scheduled to have a root canal today. Doesn’t that sound fun!?

Anyway, with nothing upon which to frame a reference, I fretted and worried, and imagined all sorts of medieval torture devices. Finally, the appointed hour arrives, and I sucked up the gumption to just get it over with.

That’s when things get interesting. I notice that there are no traffic lights as I head downtown. I park, feed the meter, and stroll on over to dental office. And when I get there, Dentist is sitting in the waiting room reading the newspaper. The power just went out. (It had also gone out all across PEI this last Saturday, so it wasn’t such a surprise I suppose… but can you imagine if he had been drilling or poking or whatever it is he was going to do when that happened? I shudder just thinking about it).

So I wait. And I wait. And finally they decide to reschedule as they need two full hours to provide all the fun they have planned for my mouth. I book my appointment to return Friday morning, and I head back to my car. On the way back to the office I notice the traffic lights are working again. And store lights are on. And back at the office, things are in the usual chaos that ensues when power is restored after a disruption has created havoc on the network. This essentially means that sometime between the moments of walking out of the dentist’s office and back to the car, all power was restored. Which begs the following questions…

– Was my aversion to root canals so strong the psychic vibration knocked out the power?
– Is this an omen that I really should avoid this procedure altogether?
– Or is this just the kind of luck I seem to have… prolonged agony and all that?



2 Responses to “Root Canal”

  1. 1 Ashley Cramton May 5, 2006 at 1:48 pm

    That is really a strange coincidence. Are you having your root canal today or did you decide that it was an omen?

  2. 2 Sock Girl May 6, 2006 at 2:14 am

    Yep… I braved the dentist today. Other than drooling for 2 hours, it was not so bad as long as I remembered to keep my eyes shut.

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