Dollarama Wierdness

Rainbow & Dolittle have broken into their piggy banks so I took them to Dollarama to get some coin roller thingies. Each girl was also allowed to pick one thing for herself. After painstakingly long deliberation and countless mind changes, Rainbow picked some shocking pink feathered hair gizmo and Dolittle chose a pack of small hair clips. All items were piled into my little wire basket and I headed to the checkout. That’s when it happened…

I felt my basket suddenly become slightly heavier and looked inside to find about 6 chocolate bars in with the coin roller thingies. Then I felt a little poke in the back. I turned around and see this strange man two people behind me. His cart is full of stuff, he looks at me, and he winks. It feels wierd. I turn back to my basket and reach in to remove the bars. “Oh I’m going to pay for those,” he yells up to me as I pass them to the cashier. “No he isn’t,” I said to the clerk, “we don’t want them.” “It was a good try, wasn’t it girls,” he says to Rainbow & Dolittle loud enough for me to hear, as if they know all about his big candy plan. I look at them and they look positively baffled. I look at him and he winks again. I wish I had something pointy to stick in that freaky eye so it would never wink again.

We pay for our purchases, and leave. As we are walking back to the car Rainbow asks me, “why did that man want to buy us chocolate?” Darn good question, kiddo. “It was certainly unusual,” I said to her, “but we must never take candy from strangers, right?” “Right,” she replies. “Or anything else,” Dolittle adds. “Right,” Rainbow replies again.

So, yes… we had a good exchange about strangers out of the whole experience, but I have to say I still feel like I need a shower after the whole thing. I mean, yes, I have adorable children (if I say so myself), but who tries to buy strange kids candy right under their parents nose and then winks at them like they’re in on some secret ? I mean, even if it were just some person wanting to do something nice for some little kids, wouldn’t it be better to strike up a conversation with their parent and explain that? Maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, we fastened assorted new hair clips to the respective little heads and finished up evening’s shopping at the grocery store. And the entire time I felt the compelling need to keep both children in my sight at all times. Fortunately, it is a lot easier to keep an eye on your kid’s whereabouts when they are sporting shocking pink feather hair gizmos.


1 Response to “Dollarama Wierdness”

  1. 1 Ashley May 2, 2006 at 2:21 am

    What a weirdo! I would have been a bit freaked out by that too. Thank goodness for the pink hair thingie!

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