Social experiment

4:30 pm — So it’s Friday after a very long week of work, and before a very long weekend of work, and I want a beer before I go home. Unfortunately, all of my buddies who might be up for such a thing on a Friday afternoon are otherwise occupied. I have not had a drink alone in a bar in years. And I can’t say I fancy the thought much.

So I’ve been thinking about this… If I feel perfectly comfortable walking into a Tim Hortons, ordering a coffee, parking my butt in a chair and drinking it right there… so why should I feel uncomfortable walking into the Wave, ordering a pint of Red, parking my butt on a barstool and drinking it right there. But I do. I feel frumpy compared to the students, and dumb compared to the profs. People might think I’m a barfly. Or a cougar.

But should I care what they think? Can I suck up the gumption to even go in there for one without knowing ahead of time I’ll have a friend to converse with? If nothing else, it could give me blog material ;-). Stay tuned folks. An experiment ensues… will it be coffee or beer?

7:30 pm — Well…. I talked myself into trying to go for a beer by myself. I could do this! I would sit down, order up, and send social vibes out to the cosmos! No big deal!!!… So I grabbed my sweater and semi-confidently headed over the the Wave. I guess students are done exams and profs are marking them because there was no brew flowing on campus tonight! The Wave was locked up tight. If I had been in the company of anyone, I probably would have found myself another watering hole, but given my buried hesitation to pull this off in the first place, I took it as a sign that I better head over to Tim Hortons and do coffee instead. I even spazzed and did drive through. Oh well. It was interesting to try.


1 Response to “Social experiment”

  1. 1 cough_queen May 13, 2006 at 8:28 pm

    It was a great try. Don’t know if I could even have made it over.

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