One Paperclip

Have you heard about the “one red paperclip guy”? He’s a blogger from Montreal who got the idea to trade up… starting with one red paperclip and hopefully ending with a house one day. (I’d give you the link, but to be honest, my computer blinks and groans and stuff when I go there, so I avoid it …but if you are so inclined to tempt the spyware gremlins, you replace “oldbluesocks” with “oneredpaperclip” and you’d have it). Anyway, the guy traded the paperclip for a fish shaped pen, then the pen for a doorknob, and on and on… so far he’s had things like a Coleman stove, a generator, a cube van, a recording contract, and I believe is currently at a year’s free rent in Phoenix. Amazing. I have little doubt he’ll get a house somewhere.

In my opinion, Paper Clip Guy has two things going for him… creativity and a definite goal.

I have to say, I admire both. I wish I could think so outside of the box. I don’t need to try to get rich or try to finagle a house (although either would admittedly be fine with me)… but I do wish I’d feel so creative that tommorrow would feel like it held boundless possibilities and I had some clue of what outcome (beyond basic positive change) that I wanted to reach for. Because, if I were to look at things in the glaring light of honesty, tommorrow really DOES have boundless possibilities… it is not yet written… and it could be the start of something grand. It’s Paperclip Guy’s sort of creativity that makes grand stuff happen.

And I may just carry around a red paperclip to remind myself of that…. unless of course you’d like to trade 😉


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