I’ve been meaning to tell you about the Easter Bunny’s surprise challenge this year…

It all began last Friday when my girls decided to become stamp collectors. It seems we had recently gotten mail with a variety of wildlife stamps, and they thought those stamps were cool. No problem. This is not a collection that will take tons of room, it is pretty cheap to do… what’s not to love! I start going through mail I had kicking around that was still in envelopes. (As an aside, I’m actually surprised at how few stamps that are used these days… practically everything I have is metered mail). Anyway, I comb the house and find every stamp I can for the girls, using doubles where possible and “pick a hand” where not. In the end, they get a fairly good start on their new hobby, all things considered. They seem thrilled with how their collections are coming along.

Then they decided to write to the Easter Bunny. And ask him for stamps.

“The Easter Bunny probably doesn’t get much mail,” I note to the children. “I mean, where would you address them?”

Still, undaunted, they write Sir Bunny notes and ask him for stamps. Well, stamps and an Easter egg hunt.

I’m sure Easter Bunny had to work his little furry tail off trying to fulfil that wish, what with his late notice and apparent lack of stamps. But I think he did ok.


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