Meeting Advisor

Some are wondering how yesterday went. Not well.

First, may I say that I think I have an aversion to opulent offices… you know the ones… lawyers, accountants.. the kind with dark wood, highbacked seating, lots of glass and shine, and in-date magazines. Give me a stark doctor’s or dentist’s office any day. Despite the fact that I wouldn’t want to be in either place, at least if I’m waiting in the stark office I know that however unpleasant the procedure, I’m probably going to feel better when its over.

Anyway, the Advisor was close to a half-hour late for the appointment, so I had plenty of time to sit and wait in that cushy waiting area, pondering my own pending panic attack.

I’m not sure I like Advisor. It turned out to be a sort of subtly condescending sort of an interrogation. Interesting.

It is perhaps no surprise that my situation is more complicated than what’s typical, so because I could not receive the assurances I needed on certain matters, nothing of weight got signed. All of that is now delayed until Easter. (I haven’t really figured out how I feel about that timing as I consider Easter both a symbol of new beginnings and also a sign of death – in either case, the stress marches on).

But, I am fine. And eventually everything will be fine. And I’m deeply touched by the notes from those who are thinking of me.


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