Career Advice for People Haters

Here’s a tip for ya’….
if you hate your job,
and/or you can’t stand dealing with people,
and/or you think you are better than the people you interact in your work,
and/or if you have a bad attitude,
… do yourself and the whole dang world a favour and DO NOT work in a place that has “service” in the title. That includes “Computer Services,” “Customer Service,”and “Any Other Dang Service” you can think of. We “little” people do not want you answering our phone calls, serving us our food, giving us your condescending assistance, or “helping” us in any way. If your interpersonal skills suck, don’t work with people. It’s just that simple.


1 Response to “Career Advice for People Haters”

  1. 1 djn March 13, 2006 at 4:19 pm

    I’m totally with you. I just had a VERY positive experience with a customer service rep but unfortunately, that’s not the norm these days.

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