Polly Perky

When she calls the office she sings her own name. “Polly Purrrr-key!” (Upward inflection on the “key”). You can actually hum the syllables without saying the words and everyone who works here knows instinctively who you mean.

I think the question to be considered here is… how do you get so self-satisfied that you actually sing your name each and every time you say it? Can she be just so tickled pink with herself that her own name merits music? Is she so happily married she must sing the matrimonial name at every opportunity? Neither seems like it would likely hold true each and every time.

Do you remember that episode of Ally McBeal where the therapist suggests she get her own theme song to hum in her head? Maybe Polly Perky’s name is her theme song…

Just for the heck of it, I thought I would sing my own name to the next caller who happened to ring the office. Given that my phone name is seven syllables long, I imagined it would be drum-rolly… almost like an opera tenor would do it (tenor-esque?). I might even sing the “Good morning!” bit, just for show.

And then the phone did ring. And stage fright got the best of me. Even though I knew it was my daughter on the other end, I just said “Sock Girl” instead of performing like I wanted to. How bad is that?

So, as annoying as she is, I will admit that Polly does have entertainment value. And, perhaps I even secretly wish I had the chuzpah to throw caution to the wind and sing my name to the masses as well.

Until next time… this is “Sock Giiiirrrrlllllll”

There…. I feel better already!


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