Can you hear that banging? It’s my car.

I need a new vehicle. Well, a used vehicle… but a vehicle none-the-less. Trouble is, I’m broke. Which, when you think about it, probably sounds like a logical match… I’m broke and so is my car (aka Beater).

The shocks have now gone through the floor of the trunk. Cost to repair = $750-$800. Value of Beater in optimal running condition = $700. Last week I had to find $225 for repairs to exhaust system. It is unending. And it needs to end.

For sanity sake I tend to trust G*d and just believe everything will work out. I try to find the humour in situations. But as I listen to the back end of Beater bang around so close to where the children are seated, knowing there’s a gas tank back there as well, I’m not finding a great deal funny in the situation at the moment. Alas, no matter how hard it seems sometimes, there is nothing else to do but just trust that somehow the solution will find you.

But do you ever wish you had a magic wand to speed up those old happy endings?


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