To Prattling Students

Let me give you some advice… if you can’t pay attention for more than 30 minutes, common courtesy would suggest that you don’t take a night class that lasts 3 freaking hours. And don’t go to movies. And, in general, avoid going anywhere with your little friends where other people are trying to concentrate on information they paid good money to get.

And why, pray tell, do you and your buddies always have to choose a seat so darn close to ME?!? I don’t care if you just got new boots. I don’t care if there’s a great sale somewhere. I don’t care if Jimmy has a thing for Suzy. I came for a freaking lecture!

Instead of concentrating on the Contemporary Moral Issue of the day, I find myself instead contemplating if it violates any moral standard to turn around and smack someone that annoying. Or perhaps it would be committing a wrong to the rest of the class if I did not turn around and make an effort to shut you up?

I hope there’s a question like that on the mid-term.


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