Rainbow’s Bad, Awful Day

It was D-Day. Dentist-Day. And Rainbow had only been once before… and it wasn’t successful then.

This, however, was a paediatric dentist. Dr. Dave. (Though we have never been to Dr. Dave before, we say his name in our house like he’s a super hero to inspire confidence). We waited for Rainbow’s name to be called, and she sits on my lap, clings to my arm, and snuggles as close to me as she can.

Now Dr. Dave appears in the waiting room in his Bob the Builder scrubs and asks to speak to me first to get some particulars. We discuss just how fearful she is. He decides that they will give her some gas to make her calm, and get some x-rays (and she has a BIG fear of dental xrays given the previous unsuccessful visit). Anyway, that’s the plan to start and then we’ll ease her into any work that has to be done.

The room is cheery and, while predominantly decorated in Pooh Bear, has an odd mix of other assorted characters about… Brother & Sister Bear, Barney, etc. The nurse begins by chatting with Rainbow. Dr. Dave comes in to say “hi” and tells Rainbow that they are going to give her some “happy air” and then take some pictures of her teeth. He flips on the light and she squints. He offers her sunglasses (which she declines). After a quick peak in her mouth, he leaves again.

Nurse asks Rainbow if she knows Loonette with the red nose. She does. Nurse says the happy air makes you look like you have a blue nose. She says that today it smells like grapes. Rainbow is scared, but she’s buying it. Nurse puts the blue nose on Rainbow and she starts to try to take it off. I hold her hands. Rainbow keeps yelling “I can’t breathe!” (Which is not at all true, but just that the gas is a different sort of a breath. In fact, with each breath the machine makes a tiny whisle like a train). Nurse says it takes 8 minutes. Eight minutes is a helluva long time when your kid is panicking. I kept holding her hands and listening to the train.

Finally Rainbow’s arms get slightly floppy and I’m asked to wait in the hall. I pace. And pace. And wish like heck I had some happy air handy.

After a very long time, Dr. Dave comes down to see me. Rainbow has a very bad set of teeth. EIGHT molars have cavities. And two other teeth as well. Two of the molars are so badly deteriorated that he does not think they even came in properly. Two teeth are also probably infected. He gives me a prescription and shows me a photograph of a silver crown. I have one just like it so I stiffled the urge to open wide for a look-see. Rainbow apparently will need several of them. He suggested that, given her fear level, there is no way she would be able to handle numerous weekly appointments. He suggested that all the work be done at one time in a hospital with Rainbow asleep. I agree.

Next Rainbow joins me, and we sit with a receptionist. Rainbow has no idea what is in store for her mouth. I signed papers. And more papers. And more papers. Some were scarey papers regarding anaesthetic risks, etc., and I fought tears from coming. They should use happy air for that too.

We have to wait now for the hospital to come back with an appointment. I’m feeling so bad for my poor baby having to go through so much. And I’m proud of how brave she really was today.


1 Response to “Rainbow’s Bad, Awful Day”

  1. 1 Mimi February 1, 2006 at 11:12 am

    Oh hon. I’m sorry. Imp’s teeth are like that, and he also had a bad first dental experience. He has silver crowns, too. All the cool kids have them. 🙂 ~mimi

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