How did I get so frumpy?

I’m looking my age. Maybe more than my age. I have laugh lines and some grey hair (when not camouflaged). My shape is becoming slightly more pear-like.

While I am perfectly comfortable in the skin I’m in, I am perhaps less enthralled lately with how that skin is packaged. I feel like I’m looking my age and then some.

Now, I’m not suggesting that I wish to pull off the ability to wear belly shirts & stilettos… I couldn’t have carried that off even when I was younger… but there is certainly some room for improvement. Being of meagre means and uncertain taste, I decided it might be best to begin with new undies. To start from the bottom up, as it were. With Dolittle & Rainbow in tow, I headed to the department store to start my minor wardrobe adjustments.

So, we’re strolling along among the fancies and come to a section of pre-packaged drawers. “Ah,” think I, “this would be my best bet… value for money and new undies.” Now each package has a picture of a woman wearing the appropriate cut (bikini, brief, high rise, etc.), with each depicting only the fine lady’s midrift from navel to thigh. Each woman is a different shape… from extremely round to pencil thin. I asked Rainbow which woman is most like Mommy. I was not entirely enthused by her choice (ah, the honesty of children), but decided to go with the shape somewhere between stick-girl and Rainbow’s pick.

Now I had a new problem. None of the packages were open, so was I small, medium or large? Well, I knew it definitely was not large, and given Rainbow’s version of me I figured it was probably not small, so I opted for medium, made my purchase, and took my bag of fineries home.

Ok… I guess I should have taken into account my height. I think these things are going to go up to my armpits. :-/

Note to self… never by pre-packaged undies and shop alone.


1 Response to “How did I get so frumpy?”

  1. 1 djn January 30, 2006 at 5:20 pm

    It’s probably not nearly as bad as you think!

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