Last night Rainbow got a new hamster. It is incredibly cute to see a 5 year old act so maternal. The hamster, grey/black and white, has been named Oreo. We were instructed to leave Oreo in his new home (cage) for two days to get adjusted with minimal handling. As we all settled to go to bed last night he had explored every possible space of his new cage except his wheel. Knowing how darn much Dolittle’s hamster uses his wheel in the middle of the night, this was worrying to me. The darn wheel was so fancy it didn’t even look like a wheel. Would Oreo know what it was and use it? And if he didn’t, are there some physical/psychological issues for hamsters if they don’t run all night going nowhere? Nonetheless, we head to bed, and leave the hamsters in their respective cages to (hopefully) spin their wheels.

This morning I checked the critters, as usual, and found Oreo’s wheel completely off it’s fastening, lying face down in the wood chips. Oreo peeked out from the corner as I replaced the wheel in its holder. I wonder how long he actually used it before that happens? I wonder was he trapped under it at any time? I wonder did its coming off the holder spook him at all? I wonder will this set back his adjustment any? Poor dear.

You know, in a lot of ways life can be a lot like that hamster’s… we are seemingly running and running and running yet going no where… and sometimes things seem to fall apart. Maybe the key to well being is to do all that yet keep the important stuff attached. I think I’ll go hug my girls and start my day.


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