Trivia was part of the Job2 Christmas Party Saturday night. S-Tech was on my team, and our team, in fact, won. An interesting conversation arose from one trivia question. The question was: What do Mademoiselle Magazine readers rate as the #1 sexiest feature on a man? Instinctively I suggested “brain”, but noted that Mademoiselle Magazine readers are not particularly in the same demographic as I am. They, I suggested, would probably say “eyes” or perhaps “tush.”

S-Tech suggested that the readers of Mademoiselle would want to appear more mature about their choices and thus probably say “brain”, whether they believed it or not. She also suggested we should write “brain” just on principle. In the end (perhaps largely driven because I was in charge of the pen), we answered “‘eyes’.. but they should have said ‘brain.’” As luck would have it, the readers did, in fact, choose “eyes.”

Now this got me thinking… does smart equal sexy? I want to say yes, but then I got to thinking about the some of the educated people I know who are socially inept, or lack a certain amount of common sense. Or some of the less educated people I know who have ‘life smarts’ and/or disarming charm. Clearly “brain”, in and of itself, does not necessarily define sexy. For me, at least, it would have to be part of a larger package which included wit, creativity, compassion, and common sense. (But if that package were to come with dreamy eyes, so much the better). 🙂


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