I think my prof is psychic.

This is not the first time I’ve taken a course from this particular professor. The last time was seven years ago, and happen to coincide with Angel’s death. I was in a sad state of psyche, quite naturally, as it was without question the darkest period of my life. Though I registered in my classes before my world came crashing down, I proceeded to take those courses as one of my attempted ways of working through my bereavement.

Anyway, the class with this prof was Logic and it followed immediately after my Developmental Psychology. (Try taking a class on child development when your son has just died… not my brightest choice in retrospect). At any rate, I was typically in grim emotional trim by the time I got to Logic.

Nevertheless, I liked Logic. It was something that made sense in a world that didn’t. In one particular class, Professor began giving examples of how things which appear so black and white really are not necessarily so, and it felt like he was speaking directly to me… he was giving examples of exactly what I was going though. And it helped. A lot.

Fast forward seven years. I enroll in another class taught by Professor. This class is Contemporary Moral Issues. And given my low threshold of coping with certain issues, yet again an odd choice for me. We’ll see where that takes me.

Anyway, this last lecture was on war and the killing of non-combatant civilians. One of readings gives an example of two guys, Smith and Jones. Smith pulls out a gun to shoot Jones, and Jones shoots Smith in self-defence. Clearly there is more to the example, but that is about as much as I have to get into to explain my “psychic experience.” As I’m doing my reading for the course, I am reminded of a time many years ago when I was walking in front of Eatons and for no reason that I could discern this guy pulls out a gun an shoots me…. well, shoots *at* me is probably the more specific description. Obviously it wasn’t a real gun or it didn’t have real bullets (or he was an incredibly bad shot) because as far as I know I am quite alive. There I stood, gasping in shock, expecting to have a bullet wound, but just standing there. I have no clue where the guy went. And I never actually told too many people about it because it was all so weird and I felt sort of stupid because maybe it was a toy gun that just looked real to me, or maybe it was some psychological experiment, or maybe I should have reacted differently, or maybe a hundred other maybes. But I hardly told a soul.

OK… back to the class discussion… I’m sitting in class and Professor begins discussing Smith and Jones… and in his entertaining way of personalizing examples, says “Imagine your walking down Kent Street and a guy pulls out a gun to shoot you…” I have to say, he pretty much had my attention at that point. By naming the *specific street* in my own experience, he yet again just reached into my brain and pulled out an example from my life. It was positively freaky!

Now logically I know that this is probably not at all possible… he isn’t psychic and this is all just a big coincidence… but imagine for a minute that your professor was psychic… Would you ever even have to take a test? Wouldn’t they know if you knew the material? Heck just read my mind, throw me a mark in the 90s, and I’ll be on my way 🙂

Of course, if every prof could read every thought, I’d be in really big trouble.


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